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Discover Egypt

Egypt boasts its history as the cradle of modern civilization and a land coveted by all the great empires of the world. Throughout thousands of years Pharonic , Greek, Roman, Ptolemaic, Hebrew, Christian and Islamic cultures have speckled Egypt with many significant symbols of their existence. Making a trip to Egypt, is a journey to one of the largest history museums and displays on Earth.

Luxor and Aswan hold a world of ancient treasures and monuments. These two cities have been the capitals of Ancient Egypt, suitably selected they decorate the river Nile like the precious stones on a crown. The temples of Luxor, Karnak, Philae and the Valley of the Kings give true meaning to the phrase “Egyptomania”.

Considered by many as the lighthouse of culture and intellect in the Middle East and Africa;  Egypt maintains an excellent archive of modern arts. Its museums wealthy with unequalled treasures will provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Cairo’s Opera house has hosted the likes of Pavarotti and the Russian ballet and will continue to promote shows of the highest quality in the world.  The new Library of Alexandria is quickly rising in ranks as being one of the biggest cultural attractions in Egypt and the world. Its enlightening architectural design and its precious content will surely lure you towards the golden coast of Alexandria, the most ancient city on the Mediterranean.

Selecting to travel to Egypt, you have chosen a magnificent journey that will dazzle you with its cultural and historical diversity and richness.