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It sad but you can also tell a lot of this has to do with his

I would then find the nearest flammable gas and dump it on him and light it. If reinforcments come, they will see what I did. Since I did that, I know I am in even more danger. It sad but you can also tell a lot of this has to do with his adopted parents own beliefs.If I remember correctly I believe the kid would be about 18 or so by now and I wonder if they ever caught back up with him to see how he feels about Trump now.It like the story with the Loghouse republicans being barred from a GOP event because, if you don know, Loghouse Republicans are a pro LGBTQ organization. How can you actually stand by and support the current GOP when so many of them believe you literally a sin and should be a second class citizen?CaptainGrandpa 4 points submitted 1 day agoDo you. Not think poor people work hard? Do you think working 7 days a week at a shit job isn hard? Or 2 3 shit jobs just to make sure your kids eat and get a good education? If Hard work was all it took to bust your ass out of poverty, Im sure we wouldn be where we are.

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