First Mas / Cairo and Nile Cruises

Cairo and Nile Cruises

Cairo City programs

* Transfer from the Hotel to the Egyptian Museum
(15-45 min)
* Visit of Egyptian museum (at least 2 hours)
* Transfer E museum – mosques and Islamic Cairo (30 min)
* Visit of mosques and Islamic Cairo (2 hours)
* Transfer mosques to bazzar (30 min)
* Shopping and visit of bazzar (90 min)
* Transfer from bazzar to hotel (30-60 min)

Cairo Mosques and Churches:

  • Sultan Hassan mosque
  • Mohamed Ali mosque
  • The hanging church
  • St. Sergius church

Cairo – Pyramids programs

* Transfer from the Hotel to the Memphis
(30-60 min)
* Visit of Memphis (30-45 min)
* Transfer Memphis – Sakkara (15 min)
* Visit of Sakkara (2 hours)
* Transfer to Pyramid of Giza (30 min)
* Visit of Pyramid of Giza (2 hours)
* Transfer from Pyramid to Hotel (30-60 min)

Sakkara : Royal necropolis of Memphis:

  • most important monument
  • Djoser complex
  • Pyramid of Unas
  • Mastabas
  • Serapeum

Pyramids Plateau: Most important monuments:

  • Pyramid of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus
  • Solar boat
  • Sphinx
  • Sound and light show

Luxor East Bank program

* Transfer from the Hotel to Karnak Temple (10-20 min)
* Visit of Karnak Temple (90 min)
* Transfer Karnak Temple – LuxorTemple (10 min)
* Visit of Luxor Temple (60 min)
* Transfer from Luxor Temple to Hotel or Nile Cruises (10-20 min)

Luxor – East Bank:

  • Complex of Karnak Temple
  • Building and additions from 2050BC till 50BC
  • Sound and light show on the holly lake
  • Temple of Luxor
  • Build by Amenophis III and Ramses II
  • Connected with Karnak by an alley of Sphinxes

Luxor West Bank programs

* Transfer from the Hotel to the ticket center on west bank (30-45 min)
* Transfer from ticket center to Queen Hatshepsut Temple (5 min)
* Visit of Queen Hatshepsut Temple (60 min)
* Transfer from Queen Hatshepsut Temple – Valley of Queens (10 min)
* Visit of Valley f Queens (45 min)
* Transfer from Valley of Queens to Valley of Kings (15 min)
* Visit of Valley of Kings (90 min)
* Transfer from Valley of Kings to Clossi of Memnon (15 min)
* Visit Clossi of Memnon passing by
* Transfer to your hotel or Nile cruises (30-40 min)

Luxor West Bank:

  • Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
  • Terraced temple from the 18th Pharaonic Dynasty
  • Wall paintings show trade relations with African tribes

Valley of Queens:

  • Magnificent tombs of queens and princes
  • Wall paintings show strictly religious scenes

Colossi of Memnon:

  • Two gigantic statues belonging to King Amenophis III
  • Beautiful scenery in the middle of an agricultural area

Valley of Kings:

  • Up to three tombs can be visited with a single ticket (except that of Tut Ankh Amun)
  • Wall paintings reflect religious beliefs and scenes from after life

Aswan overland program

* Transfer from the city or Nile cruise to unfinished Obelisk (15-20 min)
* Visit of unfinished Obelisk (30 min)
* Transfer from unfinished obelisk to Philai Temple (10 min)
* Visit of Philai Temple (including Ferry 90 min)
* Transfer from Philai Temple to High Dam (15 min)
* Visit of High Dam (30 min)
* Transfer from High Dam to City or Nile cruises (30 min)

Unfinished Obelisk

  • Granite quarry dating back to Ramses II
  • Shows how granite was cut out of bedrock
  • Show also how fast granite could crack

Philae Temple

  • The temple of Goddess Isis on the island of Philae (now Agilkia)
  • Built in Greco-Roman times but on Pharaonic foundations
  • Beautiful transfer by ferry to city of Aswan
  • Sound and light show

The High Dam

  • Length 4000m
  • Height: 111m
  • Width at bottom 980m
  • Width at top 40m
  • Power station supplies 10% of Egypt’s electrical power consumption
  • Lake Nasser contains 164 billion cubic meters of water

Aswan Felukka program

* Sailing by the Mausoleum of Agha Khan
* Sailing to Kitchner Island (Botanical Garden)
* Sailing by Elephantine Island

Abu Simbel

  • Overland drive, visit and back (8 hours)
  • Actual visiting time if by coach (2 hours)
  • Actual visiting time if by air (90 min)
  • Visit of both temples and dome construction
  • Must see attraction as it is an architectural masterpiece that was saved by UNESCO

Nile Cruises

Cruising Southwards

  • Cruising speed (app. 15km/h)
  • Nile-water velocity (app. 3km/h from south to north)
  • Luxor to Esna (60km, app. 5 hours)
  • Esna Lock (waiting time depends on no. of ships, app. 8 hours)
  • Esna to Edfu (60km, app. 4 hours)
  • Edfu to Kom Ombo (60km, app. 5 hours)
  • Kom Ombo to Aswan (40km, app. 3 hours)
  • 3 nights, 4 night and 7 nights cruises

Living on Board

  • Full board accommodation
  • Five o’clock tea is served on the sun deck or the bar lounge every day
  • Usually in Luxor: belly dancer
  • Usually in Aswan: Nubian Folklore
  • Galabeya Party


  • Esna lock closes in June and December
  • Temple of Esna (9m below city level) was built in Greco-Roman era)
  • Transfer to Temple could be by horses carriage
  • Visit is usually done in one hour time

Temple of Edfu

  • The most complete temple in Egypt
  • Build for God Horus in Greco-Roman era
  • Transfer from ship to temple and back through town of Edfu is by horse carriage or bus
  • Visit is usually done in two hours

Temple of Kom Ombo

  • Built directly overlooking the Nile in the Greco-Roman times for two Gods: Sobek Ra and Horus the Great
  • Visited in about one hour
  • Short walk from ship to temple through field of maize in summer and sugarcane in winter